Café Con Pan has one cd, which was recorded in Xalapa, Veracruz on their own label Anona Music. It is available from CDBABY.

Field Recordings

In 1999 Alec Dempster began a series of field recordings in Santiago Tuxtla and San Andrés Tuxtla. There are 7 cds in this series, which documents the musical diversity of the Tuxtlas region where Kali Niño is from.  Anona Music was created to provide a framework for this project which also focuses on the oral history of the musicians.

Y mi verso quedará…

Del Cerro Vienen Bajando

A Puro Oído

Aquí Estamos Todavía (violinistas de Los Tuxtlas)

Juan Pólito – Guitarra de Son

Esteban Utrera – Guitarra de Son

Isidro Nieves – Guitarra de Son

Some of these recordings are available from or by contacting Alec Dempster directly at