Alec Dempster and Kali Niño conduct interactive son jarocho workshops, classes and courses, for all age groups. They lead to a broader understanding of Mexican culture, Spanish language, and develop musical skills. They may last an hour or several weeks. The activities cater to the needs of each age group and specific interests the participants may have. An important component is the zapateado dance form which has been described as “Mexican tap”, as well as singing, playing the jarana and percussion.

El Fandanguito (Musical Bingo)

    Alec has combined his skills as a visual artist and musician, to create a unique workshop based on the Mexican form of bingo called lotería. The traditional lotería game consists of images and verses rather than just numbers. His adaptation called El Fandanguito includes 60 images which represent son jarocho folk songs called sones from the state of Veracruz. The songs are sung while the players listen and try to identify the corresponding images on their boards.

We have worked in:

   -public Libraries


    -music festivals

    -community centres